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The Sales & Profit Alliance (The S&P)

Authorized Dealer Program - Increase your profits with KT&C

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This Partner Program has been especially created for our dealers. There are many benefits including the following.

How can you increase your profits with KT&C?

Rechargeable Promotion Cards & App [S&P All Levels]:

We know you are busy. You don’t have time to be entering invoices and serial numbers to get freebies. What we will be offering is an app to scan your purchased product.  The more you purchase the more you earn. You will receive a KT&C Rechargeable Promo Card. You spend a certain amount your card will automatically get filled up with cash for you to use however you want! It really is that simple. We also will be having product promos where when you buy a select product in a certain period of time you can earn double! The app is being made but the cards are ready to go! Sign up and start earning today with a special promo we are offering.

Specialized Part Numbers [S&P All Levels]:

We know that many people buy product online and everyone wants to save money and be an “installer.” Certain KT&C products will be available through your distributor in a no-logo, plain white box. You will be able to identify the product as yours with your own label, logo and part number.  The serial number will be used to identify the part as a KT&C product for warranty purposes. Of course these labels come from KT&C as another added benefit to being a KT&C Partner!

Combating the Internet [S&P All Levels]:

KT&C is committed to helping you earn a profit. We have set MAP pricing that online sellers are not allowed to sell below. Even with this sometimes your customers will go online and try to find it for less. By offering some of the above program benefits such as extended warranty and firmware upgrades we are helping to give our KT&C Partners the upper hand. We also have some other program benefits that we will be releasing later year to continue to give you an edge over the competition.

Financing Options: [S&P All Levels]

Offer your end users payment options by using our group financial program (financing). Get paid upon the completion of the job. Increase your opportunities to do larger jobs, order more though your vendors and get the best pricing around by offering prompt payment upon job completion.

Special discount purchases through your authorized distributor [S&P All Levels]:

Through our Authorized Distributors KT&C will offer various products and promotions exclusively for S&P members. KT&C will provide a list of products to you, so you can purchase select products at deep discounts through your Authorized Distributor.

Direct RMA Support [S&P All Levels]:

S&P Members have priority RMA support through KT&C. When an issue arises you can take advantage of features such as Advanced Replacements to help you take care of your customer immediately.

Promotional Material [S&P 100 & Above]:

We offer complete solutions to help you market yourself. If you submit a company logo and your contact info we will put it on a flyer for you! We will help you sell KT&C product and yourself at the same time.

Lead Generation [S&P 100 & Above]:

The more you stay in touch with us and use our product the more leads we will try to pass to you. As we get people calling in for service, support and inquiries we will pass them to you, our KT&C Partners.

Free Extended Warranty Options [S&P 500 & Above]:

KT&C is confident in the quality and longevity of our product and that is evident in the great warranty that we offer. KT&C Partners will receive an extended warranty for products purchased. This will allow you to offer extended warranties and service options to your customers that they wont get from anywhere else.

Scheduled Tech Support Time [S&P 500 & Above]:

Even the most experienced installers run into a problem sometimes. It might be that you are installing a new product for the first time or your customer needs something customized for a specific installation.  We have you covered. As a KT&C Partner you have the option of receiving Scheduled Tech Support Time! Schedule the time you need and one of our tech support representatives will call you at the time you requested. No waiting or holding, they will walk you through whatever you need!

Double Points [S&P 1000]:

All accounts that are level S&P 1000 will automatically be enrolled to receive double monthly points.

How to get the most out of the program:

  1. Sign up
  2. Send in a proof of purchase (or have your distributor send it to us). The scanning product app will be available later year.
  3. Start receiving benefits. 
Qualifying Amount
$1,000 per Month/ $12,000 per Year
$2,500 per Month / $30,000 per Year
$5,000 per Month / $60,000 per Year
$10,000 per Month / $120,000 per year

 * After initial sign up the account will be reviewed quarterly

1 Point = $1

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