RMA Procedure

  1. A pre-approved RMA number must be requested before shipping any products back to KT&C.
  2. Submit your request at tech@ktncusa.com
  3. The RMA number is valid for only 15 days. A new RMA number must be requested if it cannot be shipped out within that time period.
  4. RMA number is to be used once and cannot be used again for a separate return.
  5. RMA form must be included in the package, and RMA number should be clearly visible on the outer box.



  1. Return shipment for Repair, Replacement or Credit must be prepaid by customer. KT&C will refuse any freight collect returns if it has not been pre-authorized.
  2. If you are sending it in for repair, you must clearly explain the reason for the return. If there is no explanation or it is vague, KT&C will only perform basic tests.
  3. The products will be returned in the same condition and packaging it was received. KT&C will not replenish any screws, cables, manuals, brackets, or any other accessories if it was missing when received.
  4. Warranty for most products is 3 years. Please see the Warranty section for further details.
  5. Warranty is void if the serial sticker has been removed, defaced or altered in any way, or if the product has been modified, tampered with or the power board has been blown due to the usage of wrong power or improper installation.
  6. Warranty excludes any damages incurred from an act of nature or natural disaster.


  1. Shipment to and from KT&C for any non-warranty repairs will be the responsibility of the customer.
  2. The Diagnosis fee is $50 for each product. Once the diagnosis is complete, customer will be notified of the total cost to have it repaired and returned. (Diagnosis fee + parts +shipping & handling). If customer approves the repair fees, it will need to be prepaid with credit card prior to shipping. If customer declines, the customer must pay for the Diagnosis fee plus the shipping and handling cost to return it.
  3. The warranty for the repaired product is 180 days from the time it is shipped from KT&C.

RETURN FOR CREDIT  NOTE: KT&C will not issue credit for any used or installed products.

  1. Credit request must be pre-approved by KT&C before returning it for credit.
  2. Credits will only be considered if the product(s) is returned within 30 days of purchase.
  3. Credit will be approved after the product(s) is received and inspected. It must be returned in original condition and packaging with all accessories and manuals included.
  4. Credit will be issued only for the return product(s) and not the shipping cost.
  5. After 30 days but before 90 days, only house credit or product exchange will be considered.
  6. Distributors that issue advanced replacement to their customers should do so at their own risk and expense and should not expect to receive credit from KT&C for a used product.
  7. All returns for credit is subject to a 20% restocking fee.
  8. Credit is not applicable to the following products:
  • Customized and/or OEM products
  • Special orders include non-stocked items such as PAL/CCIR models, audio built-in models
  • Discontinued or obsolete products
  • Used for demo/sample or installed products
  • Accessories that include, and not limited to, power adapters, cables, voltage converter, lens


  1. Advanced replacement will only be considered for DOA or extenuating circumstances and must be pre-approved by KT&C.
  2. Advanced replacement products can be new or refurbished depending on availability.
  3. Advanced replacement shipments will be prepaid by KT&C for Ground shipment.
  4. If the DOA or defective products are received after the advanced replacement has been made and it is found to be in working condition, or not found to be manufacturers defect in material or workmanship, customer is responsible to pay for the advanced replacement and pay for the shipment back to the customer.


  1. Distributors may request a stock rotation once per calendar year for unsold products that are still in its original condition and packaging.
  2. An offset PO must be submitted that is higher than the return amount.
  3. Discontinued, OEM, Special or Custom orders cannot be part of the stock rotation.


  1. All returned products are shipped UPS Ground. Any other method of shipping is customer’s responsibility.
  2. KT&C will not be responsible for returns that were damaged during transit due to improper packaging by the customer.



Product Category

Warranty Period (includes Parts & labor)

SD Analog Cameras
(960H Manufactured After July 2013)


HD-TVI Cameras in the Premier Collection


Standard HD-TVI Cameras (b1, c1, XIR models)
HD-SDI Cameras
IP Cameras


(Analog 960H, HD-SDI, IP, HD-TVI)

2-Years for Camera
1-Year for Pan & Tilt Mechanism

Analog DVRs (OMNI960 & 960H)


Analog DVRs (704H)


PC Based NVRs 1-Year

Hard Drive

Manufacturer's Warranty