K9-CMS Central Management Software: (PC Only)

This CMS platform is designed for the K9 Series of DVRs. It will allow you to connect an individual DVR or multiple units together that fall under the series of K9.
Download: K9-CMS Software Version (349mb) This is a large file. Please allow time for it to download. Depending on your computer settings some users may find it easier to download the file by right clicking on the link and "saving as" to your computer.


K9 DVR Backup Player: (PC Only)

This player will allow you to playback the video files that you download from the K9 DVR.
Download: K9 DVR Backup Player (Less than 1 mb)


KT&C will shut down our DDNS service for K7, K9, KVR-H series DVR (www.ktncddns.net) as of 10/15/17.

Please prepare to move onto a public DDNS service for remote access.