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IP Camera Firmware Upgrades

KT&C offers products that are simple to use but offer extensive features and operating systems that are always working behind the scenes. KT&C is not responsible for any issues that result with upgrading firmware. Always make sure any sensitive video footage has been properly backed up prior to installing any updates. KT&C recommends working with one of S&P Dealers to install and upgrade your firmware. To find a local S&P Dealer in your area please contact us by phone or click here to submit an Info Request form.

KNC-p4LR*IR Firmware
Date: 052016
This firmware updated fixes a "Flashing" problem that would occasionaly occur with the previous version on the KNC-p4LR*IR. 
Download Firmware: Version 5.3.3 build 151019 for use with the KNC-p4LR*IR

KNC-P4 IP Cameras Firmware
Date: 090916

This firmware provides an update to the KNC-P4 IP cameras that were experiencing image flashing.

Firmware Update: Click the link to download the firmware for the IP camera.
V5.4.1 For use with KNC-P4 Series Cameras

KNC-P3 IP Cameras Firmware
This firmware provides an update to the KNC-P3* cameras.
Download here.