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Top 5 Benefits of EZ HD-TVI Equipment

#1 Superior Image Quality
The difference between EZHD-TVI & Analog is incredible. EZHD-TVI offers more pixels, superior resolution and the ability to zoom like no other. You need to see the difference to believe the increase in image quality. 

  • EZHD-TVI provides 614% MORE pixels than a traditional analog camera which translates to an AMAZING picture quality
  • EZHD-TVI allows you to zoom into the image after the fact without the same distortion as typical analog
  • Crisp, Clear, Un-pixelated images: Are you interested in a low cost demo to help you sell systems to your customer? Click here

#2 Triple Technology Recording
Intelligent Video Inputs with the EZHD-T Triple Technology Recorders offer a tremendous amount of flexibility to utilize your EZHD-TVI security system to its fullest potential.

  • Connect 1080p/720p/SD Analog to ANY Input + Additional Bonus OMNI IP Channels.
    • Connect Analog Cameras
    • Connect 1080p/720p TVI Cameras
    • Connect Bonus OMNI IP Cameras

#3 Easy & Familiar Installation
Operation over almost any wire with the ability to run long distances over coax. This can be new coax or coax that is already existing for a simple system upgrade.

  • Run More than 1500 Feet on RG6
  • Run More than 1000 Feet on standard RG59 Coax
  • Run More than 500 Feet on UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair)

#4 Install as a New System or Easily Upgrade an Existing System
EZHD-TVI will work if you are installing as a new system or if you have an existing system and would like to upgrade to EZHD-TVI equipment.

  • Install as a new system with new EZHD-TVI cameras and EZHD-T Triple Technology recorders.
  • Upgrade existing systems by utilizing existing wire and replacing the cameras and DVR for a simpler and more cost effective installation.
  • Upgrade existing systems by utilizing existing wire, and replacing the DVR with an EZHD-T DVR and retaining existing analog cameras. With EZHD-TVI it is easy to keep some of the existing analog cameras on your system and upgrade priority cameras with newer EZHD-TVI technology. Then when you are ready (and after you see the difference in quality) you will want to upgrade them all!

#5 EZHD-TVI Offers Superior Image Quality at a Very Cost Effective Price
EZHD-TVI is technology you can afford on any budget. Affordable and flexible systems!

  • Technology that offers superior quality and is affordable. 
  • Upgrade to EZHD-TVI for prices that are comparable with new analog systems or even more cost effective!
  • You have the option to upgrade cameras as you can afford to do so. With EZHD-T Triple technology recorders you can keep part of your existing system and later upgrade additional cameras. This offers a lot of flexibility and a huge savings on having to rerun wires.
  • Utilize all the FREE software and applications.
    • FREE iOS and Android Apps for phones & tablets
    • FREE CMS (Central Managment System)
    • FREE MAC Software