What is KT&C EZHD? EZHD-TVI truly delivers on the promise of HD that installs and works as easy as analog. It is a powerful combination of technologically advanced cameras, recorders and accessories (e.g. baluns) that connect like analog but displays, records and plays back HD.

Cable Questions

  • Does EZHD-TVI work over Coax?
  • Does EZHD-TVI work over "Any Old Coax"?
  • How far can EZHD-TVI work over RG59?
    More than 1000 Feet on RG59 and even further on RG6
  • Does EZHD work over UTP/Cat5?
  • Will it work over 'Any Old Twisted Pair'?
    Yes, but Cat5e is strongly recommended
  • How far can it go over UTP?
    More than 500 feet (on Cat5e)
  • Should I used special EZHD-TVI baluns?
    Yes, but you can run limited distance using your old baluns


  • Can I use my hand held analog test monitor to aim and focus an EZHD-TVI camera?
    Yes, on advanced models.
  • Do EZHD-TVI cameras have both HD and analog outputs?
    Yes, on the advanced ("c") models
  • How do I aim/focus the 'basic' EZHD-TVI models with no CVBS?
    The DVRs can stream live video to your smart phone or PDA so you can see what the camera sees.
  • How can I program the EZHD-TVI camera OSD (On-Screen-Display) menu settings?
    Many of the EZHD-TVI cameras accept UTC (Up-The-Cable) control to access the OSD settings using the PTZ controls in the DVR. Some camera models also include a mini joystick to adjust the OSD at the camera.
  • Are EZHD-TVI cameras available in all the common form factors such as indoor/outdoor, dome/ball/turret/bullet, etc?
  • Are EZHD-TVI cameras available in both 720p (1Mp HD) and 1080p (2.1Mp full HD)?

Recording & Compatability

  • Do I need a special recorder to capture 720p HD / 1080p full HD video?
    Yes. KT&C offers multiple DVR options for you to choose from.
  • Will the EZHD-T recorder work only with KT&C EZHD-TVI cameras?
    You are not limited to EZHD-TVI cameras.
  • Will they work with other brand HD-Over-Coax cameras?
    Yes, if you are using compatible technology (HD-TVI).
  • How many cameras can I connect to an EZHD-T recorder?
    4 Ch: 4 TVI/Analog + 1 OMNI IP Bonus Channel = 5 Channels Total
    8 Ch: 8 TVI/Analog + 2 OMNI IP Bonus Channels = 10 Channels Total
    16 Ch: 16 TVI/Analog + 2 OMNI IP Bonus Channels = 18 Channels Total
  • Can I connect any analog or EZHD-TVI camera to ANY BNC port on the back of the recorder? Yes!
  • Can I connect existing or new analog cameras to any BNC on the back of an EZHD-TVI Recorder?
  • Can I connect IP Cameras to the DVR?
    You can connect 1-2 OMNI IP Cameras to the DVR (depending on model).
  • Can you simultaneously connect and record analog/EZHD-TVI/OMNI IP Cameras?
  • What is the maximum IPC (IP Cameras) resolution?
    For now, 1080p/2.1 Megapixel
  • What brands of IPC are supported?
    For now, KT&C OMNI Series IPC
  • Do all EZHD-T DVRs record 1080p?
    Yes, all EZHD-TV DVRs record 1080p. The TRF series will record 1080p @ real-time. The TVL series will record 1080p @ 12 FPS and will record real-time @ 720p.
  • Are EZHD-TVI recorders compatible with my existing OMNI CMS and smart phone apps?
    Yes, the same CMS/Apps support EZHD-T/OMNI-IP/OMNI960 recorders!


  • Do all EZHD-TVI recorders provide up-the-cable control?
  • What differences should I expect when I install an EZHD-TVI system?
    Vastly more detailed images in live and playback view, many time saving features (like up-the-cable camera control) and the flexibility to connect analog, 720p HD, 1080p HD and 720p/1080p IP cameras as needed to suit the application.
  • How much more expensive is this going to be compared with the high quality analog cameras and recordes I use now?
    EZHD-TVI truly delivers on the promise of HD because it not only installs and works as easy as analog, but the costs are close to those for analog.
  • Is EZHD-TVI available today?