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NVR Firmware Upgrades

KT&C offers products that are simple to use but offer extensive features and operating systems that are always working behind the scenes. KT&C is not responsible for any issues that result with upgrading firmware. Always make sure any sensitive video footage has been properly backed up prior to installing any updates. KT&C recommends working with one of S&P Dealers to install and upgrade your firmware. To find a local S&P Dealer in your area please contact us by phone or click here to submit an Info Request form.

KNR-p4Px4, KNR-p16Px8, KNR-p16Px16, KNR-p32Px16

With this firmware update, the NVRs will recognize BOTH IPCAM and IPCAM-K protocols in the cameras, configure and connect to the cameras, and begin to stream video. Mix/match IPCAM and IPCAM-K; add one or the other or both at any time. IP cameras from KT&C that include IPCAM-K protocol are the KNC-HDi47 and KNC-HDBi230 miniatures (running V1.1.7 or higher firmware). It’s Plug-and-Play!

Firmware Update: Click the link to download the firmware for your NVR
V3.1.7: Use with KNR-p16Px16, KNR-p32Px16 (Build 150529)

V3.0.10: Use with KNR-p4Px4, KNR-p16Px8

ENR-p4Px4, ENR-p16Px8, ENR-p16Px16, ENR-p8Px8

Firmware update: v3.3.4 Build 161012

Download here.